2018/2019 Race Program (Click here)

entries open 7 days prior to each Friday race night and close at 5:30pm on race night.  Only new swimmer entries will be taken on pool deck, so please ensure you get your online entries done by the deadline each week (if you have missed the entry deadline, you will still be permitted to participate in races but you won't earn any points for them) .  


It's that time again ... dust off your swimmers, polish your goggles and brace for the start of the 2018/2019 season!
  • Race nights will begin again on Friday, 19 October 2018.  Swimmers are encouraged to be on pool deck by 6:30pm, for start of season announcements, presentation of trophies (for those who weren't able to attend the Trophy Presentation night) and to be ready to start races at 7:00pm sharp. .
  • If you haven't already become a BAND (our club app) groupie please contact our BAND Administrator, Ali (see Contact Us page).  BAND has proven to be a great way for the Committee and club members to communicate last minute plans/cancellations and to send reminders to our members.  This season, we are attempting to send out fewer emails to clog up your inbox and BAND is one of the ways we can make this happen.
  • Please note if you plan to use your $100 Active Kids voucher in part payment of membership fees for this season you will need to complete membership registration on pool deck.
  • Congratulations to our 2018/2019 Swim Club Committee
President - Dimitri Noulas
Secretary - Jessica Wilson
Treasurer and Registrar - Roger Kennedy
Race Secretary - Diana Pearce
Fundraising Coordinator - Anna Jacklin
Marshall - Lynette Goldsmith
Youth Committee Coordinator - Ali Matheson
Head Timekeeper and Member Protection Officer 2 - Ryan Toelle-Atkinson
Member Protection Officer 1 - Emma Nicoletti.
Assistant Race Secretaries - Sally D'Arrigo and Owen Williams
Assistant Marshall - Marnee Toelle-Atkinson
Assistant Fundraiser - Maria Sheil
Webmaster - Paul Moore and Ali Matheson
Pool Liaison - Andrew Pearce
  • For contact details of your 2018/2019 Season Committee Executive, please refer to our "Contact Us" page.

  • Experience in racing helps you get ready for school swimming carnivals
  • You can improve your swimming time and increase your distance
  • You're racing in a friendly, supportive environment
  • The aim is to improve your own time - the only person you need to beat is you!
  • And best of all, you can race against and beat your dad / mum!


  • Friday night fun with a friendly and increasingly social crowd of parents
  • You can join in the fun too - race with your kids and other parents
  • It's a great way to encourage your kids to exercise and boost self confidence.
We offer a free trial race night to anyone considering joining club before the Christmas break.