How many races can I swim a night?

A member can swim up to 3 races a night.  Usually, this includes:

  • a freestyle sprint - 16m, 25m, 50m, 100m
  • a formstroke (Butterfly, Breaststroke or Backstroke) - 16m, 25m, 50m, 100m
  •  a distance event - either freestyle 4x16m, 4x25m, 200m, 400m OR medley 4x16m, 4x25m, 200m. 

What distance should I swim?

It is best to begin with the race distance you are most comfortable with for each stroke.  When you swim faster than the following times, you must progress to the longer distance for that stroke.

16m Freestyle


25m Freestyle


16m Butterfly


25m Butterfly


16m Breaststroke


25m Breaststroke


16m Backstroke


25m Backstroke


4x16m Freestyle

1m 15s

4x25m Freestyle

1m 30s

4x16m Medley

1m 26s

4x25m Medley


Once you have successfully swum a 25m race, you can't compete in a 16m race (except in certain Age Championships). Similarly, once you have competed in a 50m race, you can't compete in a 25m race.  Note this rule does not apply to races of greater distance than 50m (i.e. you can alternate between 50m and 100m races).

Can I swim the 800m or the 1500m?

A swimmer who wishes to swim the longer distance must first qualify by swimming a shorter distance.  For example to qualify for 800m, you must have completed the 400m.  To swim the 1500m, you must have swum both the 400m and 800m races.  If not possible (absent on the night), applications may be made to the Committee who will consider it on a case by case basis.

What are Championship Races?

In the second half of the season, we run our Championship Races.  These include our Special Trophy Events, the Open Championships and the Age Championships (noting that unlike in previous years, the Age Championships will be held on one day (at The Battle on the Bay on 24 February 2018)  rather than across a number of weeks- please check the Race Program for Championship event dates.    

How do I qualify for a Championship Race?

To qualify, a swimmer must:

  • be a financial member of the club before the last race night in December
  • have swum the stroke at least once (i.e. have a seed time)
  • have swum at least 5 Friday race nights before the first Open Championship event (23.02.18)
  • in the case of Open Championships, be one of the fastest 7 swimmers for each stroke.
  • in the case of Age Championships, fall within one of the following Age Groups:
 Age Group  Freestyle Sprint     Butterfly  Backstroke  Breaststroke  Medley  Freestyle Distance
 5 and under  16m   16m  16m  16m  4x16m  
 6 years  25m  25m  25m  25m  4x16m  100m (7&up)
 7 years  25m  25m  25m  25m  4x25m  100m
 8 years  50m  25m  25m  25m  4x25m  200m
 9 years  50m  50m  50m  50m  4x25m  200m/400m
 10 years & over  50m  50m  50m  50m  4x50m  200m/400m
The age of swimmer is deemed to be his/her age as at 1 October 2017.

A swimmer may be invited to swim at a Championship Race at the discretion of the Committee if they are a second claim or casual swimmer or if they do not qualify, however, they cannot earn points or trophies.

How are points calculated?

On weekly race nights, points are awarded to swimmers who improve their own personal best time.  The pointscore (up to 5 points) is calculated based on the degree of improvement.  Swimmers also receive one point for simply competing in an event (even if they do not improve their time).