Join Our Club

Can I try before I join?

Yes you can. Please email and then turn up to pool deck on a Friday during the season at 6:30 pm.  There is a $3.80 entry fee charged by Enfield Aquatic Centre for Swim Club patrons.  Join in the races for the evening and see if you like it! 

Please note that our insurance will only cover ONE trial night per person.

How much is it to join Enfield Swimming Club?

Our registration fees are $115 per swimmer.  The fee includes:

This works out to be approximately $6.00 per race night.  Note the fee does not include pool entry, which is at the subsidised rate of $3.80 per person.  

If you are a member of another club for training purposes, you can join Enfield as a second club. This means you can race at Enfield's fun and social club nights and train seriously with your other club. A Secondary Club membership is $60. 

Join any club racing night please email for more information. 

Do I have to race against other swimmers much faster or slower than me?

When you first join, you will be placed in the slowest race for the distance / stroke to get your seed (beginning) time.  Once you get a time, you will be placed with other swimmers who are at about your speed.  We reckon a bit of competition will spur you to swim faster!

What incentives are there to get me to swim faster?

Point scores are awarded to swimmers who improve their own personal best (PB) time.  Scores are calculated on the amount of improvement.  At the end of the swimming season, trophies are awarded in each age group for the highest accumulated point scores based on consistent PB improvement and the highest accumulated championship point scores.

Does the race season run all year long?

The season runs between October and March / April (Term 4 and Term 1 of the school calendar) each year because the 50 metre pool at Enfield is an outdoor unheated pool and is closed during the off season.

Are races run over the January  school holidays?

Races are suspended just before Christmas and recommence usually in the last week of January.